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Architectural visualization in America

Generally, the benefits of architectural visualization in America are very various. Architects use engineering principles and methods to design and build buildings, towers, cities and various spaces. Architects can work in different companies according to their expertise. Architects in America play a role in various jobs such as landscaping designers, 3D interior Visualization and art directors. In addition, most architects are engaged in architectural animation and visualization by establishing businesses and registering companies in this country. It can be said that 24% of architects in this country are working independently.

Since disciplines such as civil engineering, construction management, interior design, urban planning are closely similar to the field of architectural visualization in America. Most of the graduates in the mentioned fields enter the architectural labor market and work in this field. It has many research centers in various scientific fields. The Institute of Architects, known as the AIA, is one of the most professional architectural organizations.

Income and marketing in field of architectural visualization

Architecture is one of the required occupations in this country. Currently, more than 113,000 jobs in the job market have been allocated to this field. The architectural labor market, like other occupations, has been influenced by computer science technologies. Most of the designs in this section are done through software programs specific to this field. Today, architects must be able to work with design software such as CADD and BIM. Because these programs have replaced the traditional design methods in this country.

The average income of engineers in this field is $ 71,200 (dollars) per year and in some cases the salaries of specialists in this field can reach up to $ 119,500 (dollars) per year. Architects who work independently in this country. Depending on their perseverance and activities, they may receive more income.

Duties of architects in architectural visualization in America

Architects will have their own tasks according to their expertise. But in general, the most important common tasks of all experts in this field are:

-Communicating and consulting with customers to be aware of their desired designs

-Designing and determining details

-Estimating costs including equipment, materials and other costs

-Leading the team in projects (plumbing, ventilation, electricity and green space systems)

-Concluding contracts with relevant contractors

-Project monitoring and follow-up.

Study and work in visualization

The emigration of European architects during the 1930s and 1940s brought European modernism to the United States, and in the second half of the 20th century, America became a major power in architecture. As the late 1900s and early 2000s approached, architectural visualization of America were active all over the globe.

Nowadays In the industrialization of buildings, the United States has pursued three main goals, including meeting the need for housing, reducing housing prices, and building low-cost buildings for the low-income, middle, and poor classes of society.

Because of the excellent marketing in the field, many students are applying to study architecture in this country. The bachelor’s degree in architecture will last for 5 years. Applicants for this course must meet the following requirements:

-Have an IELTS or TOEFL English degree

-Possession of GRE and GMAT certification

-Providing Portfolio

Students will also have the opportunity to pursue a master’s or doctorate degree in architecture in the United States. The master’s degree in this field is for 2 to 3 years. Students who have a master’s degree in a field such as mathematics. They will be able to continue their studies at the master’s level in this field. Of course, these students must complete 40 to 50 undergraduate courses.

This course is called M.Arch.Program. Students must also study in this field for 3 years to obtain a doctorate in architecture. The PhD in Architecture in the United States is known as Darch. Students will be able to work in architecture in the United States after earning their Ph.D. But after 3 years and getting a passing score in The Architect Registration Exam, engineers will be able to start a business independently in this field.

The expert knowledge of architectural visualization in America

After completing their undergraduate studies, students can continue their education and gain expertise in this field.

Among the specialties of the field of architectural visualization in America are the following:

are the following:

-Architectural Engineering

-Architectural Designer

-Historical architecture

-3D interior Visualization

-Architecture and landscape design

-Urban planning

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