Architecture in the metaverse ; Discussing the role of architecture

Metaverse will increase the popularity of a concept called virtual 3D interior Visualization! As Metaverse evolves, a new generation of designers will emerge as virtual interior designers with a wide range of skills and ideas just to design in virtual environments as well as digital living spaces on Metavars platforms. The role of architecture in the metaverse is supernatural. Since the implementation of interiors in the afterlife does not require the use of physical materials, construction costs as well as construction time will be eliminated for both the consumer and the designer!

This accelerates the personalization of products and spaces designed in this extraterrestrial world. For example, if a customer wants a digital bed made of red plastic, changing the texture of the bed will only take a few minutes. They will have the limitations of the physical world in the realm of design.

Is Metavers a virtual reality (VR)?

Virtual Reality (Virtual Reality) is a world simulated using a computer in a believable way that allows a person to be in and interact with it using special tools. Virtual reality is a technology for creating interaction between humans and computers, by which complex data is transformed into image, sound and sensory stimuli to induce a real presence in the virtual environment.

Metavers is not virtual reality but will be available in Virtual Reality; Also, its performance will not be limited to VR technologies (Metavers is potentially superior to VR). Virtual reality worlds are very small, but in the afterlife we ​​will be dealing with a much larger world! It can be said that the main difference between the two goes back to their extent. Let’s not forget Metavars is an advanced version of the current Internet consisting of a huge network of 3D Product Visualization. So it can be said that Metavars is a virtual reality super that users can connect to it from all over the world and experience a sense of virtual presence.

Beginning of virtual architecture in the


architecture in the metaverse is using it as a new tool in the field of architecture or simulation of a building before construction (an ideal opportunity to prevent possible errors during design). Undoubtedly, you will agree that one of the biggest challenges for architects is nothing more than convincing customers that the executed version of a design or project will look like its 3D Product Visualization such as two-dimensional or three-dimensional version! This is where Metavars comes in and the role of architecture in the metaverse becomes obvious.

Architecture in the metaverse is as follows that architects not only display the overall shape of a building, but also show how it feels and the atmosphere that governs it.

In addition, we should not forget that Architecture in the metaverse is one of the essential elements needed by users in the world of Metavars! Because it is the architect who, by designing different spaces with different functions, allows the user to move in different environments, socialize with others and experience virtual life…

Why is the role of architecture in Metavars important?

recently, the world is transitioning from a real economy (Real economy); The real sector of the economy related to the production of goods and services) to a digital economy; The digital economy, also known as the Internet economy, is an economy based on Internet transactions / interactions; And this change has accelerated many times since the corona epidemic!

We have seen strange changes during the infamous Corona virus epidemic; Construction halted a significant number of large-scale construction projects and the closure of many retail stores related to the construction industry… But at the same time, various fashion brands launched their latest products in Video games paid off! Commercial real estate owners also faced new challenges in the importance of architecture in Metavars.

; because their tenants either left their work and office space or reduced the area of ​​their unit or units! However, video conferencing companies have grown rapidly during the epidemic and have achieved great success.

Whether we like it or not, the widespread corona virus epidemic has changed our work culture! It has accelerated the rise of e-commerce and changed the business model. The fashion industry, game development, as well as digital currencies are the pioneering industries that have embraced Metavars technology! For other industries, jobs and businesses, there is no choice but to join this extraterrestrial. So Architecture in the metaverse join this extraterrestrial.

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