Checking V-Ray in 3ds max , Getting acquaint with V-Ray

If you have a connection with the world of design, however small, you’ve likely heard the names 3D Max and V-Ray. In this article, we’ll provide a quick overview of checking out V-Ray in 3ds Max and what both are used for.

The Autodesk company, creator of 3ds Max, makes advanced software for various fields of engineering. Almost all of its software comes in its own disciplines. One of the programs Autodesk produces is called Autodesk 3dsmax (formerly known as 3ds studio max).

The main applications of V-Ray in 3ds max


Many movies have been made by Autodesk Trudias Max or earlier versions with different names. This includes bestsellers like Avatar and 2012, which use 3D computer graphics. Madbox software is used to build textures alongside the Autodesk Trudys Max.

This software has also been used in the development of 3D computer graphics for several video games.

Architecture and engineering collections also use Autodesk Trudias Max to design their concept art. Max is very similar to AutoCAD, which is why architects prefer to use this software for the best rendering quality.


use Trudias Max in their courses in 3D computer graphics and computer animation. Students can use TriDs Max to learn about 3D animation.

3-Architecture and civil engineering

Architects who use Trudias Max can see all elements of the Exterior and interior of the building before the construction. They can apply desired changes on the models simply and efficiently.


The rendering of materials, window colors, floors, valves, lighting, and more can be incredibly natural. This can make it difficult to distinguish between a good render and a real photo.

Architects can use 3D Max to present designs to an employer in an entirely three-dimensional way.


4- Using V-Ray in 3ds max in animation

Another need of employers is creating Architectural Animation spaces and industrial products. That 3D Max software with infinite powers in the field of animation has been able to address the needs of employers.

5-Cinematic special effects

Today, industries such as cinema, computer games, and advertising require cinematic special effects and 3D character design. Many Hollywood characters and movies that millions enjoy watching are the work of this powerful software. This includes:



-Iron Man





The terms of V-Ray in 3DS Max

Point icon modeling: Also known as 3D, this is the process of converting a two-dimensional image to three-dimensional image. For example, you could have a building plan. First, you raise the walls, then you make the shape of the door, the window, and the ceiling. Then you can see inside the rooms—you’ve successfully turned a 2D plan into a 3D building.

Material: When you make a subject three-dimensional, you can then instruct the software what to make the material of the walls. For example, you could add paint, plaster, or wallpaper to the walls. Most of these materials are present in 3D Max in V-Ray by default.

Rendering: When you make an object three-dimensional and assign it a material and finally shine some light on it, it’s time for the software to start simulating light and material—that is, bringing the object closer to reality. The software calculates all the parts of light and shadow, the material, the depressions, and the colors to produce an image or animation. This step is time-consuming, but showcases the value of a powerful computer.

How long does it take to learn V-Ray in 3ds max?

The answer to this question depends on various factors, such as your level of familiarity with the design technique, previous experience with 3D software, your perseverance, and your interest. If you have no previous background in designing disciplines and have not worked in any other 3D software (such as AutoCAD or SketchUp), learning the intermediate level of 3D Max (as much as constructing a building or a room and equipment) takes about seven months, with three hours of training per day. Learning V-ray on its own takes an additional three months.


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