Evaluating Lumion in architectural animations

Lumion is a powerful and fast software for architectural simulation and rendering. This software allows you to create the 3D Product Visualization you want and convert them to animation, photos and videos. Lumion minimizes the rendering process time and turns scenes into great animations at a very high speed. Lumion in architectural animations is a great way to provide a professional presentation of the project to the client.

Most architects first draw their designs on other modeling software and then transfer them to Lumion. They use this software to create materials, objects, characters, effects on materials, exposure and details such as trees, grass and snow and rain, etc. Finally, lumion software allows them to render the project as quickly as possible.

What is the use of Lumion in architectural animations?

With using this software, you can show your view of the project as a photo, panorama or video to the audience in the form of quality results and in the fastest possible time. Lumion is designed so that the user can work with it without hassle and stress. The extremely fast speed of lumion software allows you to render your project easily in the shortest time when you do not have enough time to model or create animations in software such as 3dsmax and MAYA.

What are the features of Lumion software?

In Evaluating Lumion in architectural animations can we said that this software has standard and excellent features that eliminate the needs of architects. But the features that make this software so popular are:

High speed for project presentation: As mentioned, Lumion has a higher speed than other programs that can render, which saves time and money.

Increasing progress: Lumion software has improved a lot in recent years and its quality has increased. It is also always trying to offer its new versions better than before.

Having a very large library of objects required by the architect: This software has a very useful collection of objects in its library section that minimizes your need for external objects.

-Real-time animation: Another advantage of Lumion is real-time animation, in which it takes 4 seconds to render each frame! (Variable based on hardware and graphics card type)

Many features and effects: Lumion program provides many features to the user, including the ability to quickly convert sunny, cloudy, rainy and snowy renderings to each other, as well as the ability to create rainy, foggy, etc. animations with various effects. All these features can be implemented easily and with just one click in Lumion, while implementing such projects in other software such as 3DMax can be challenging.

Making Large Models and Images: The ability to create large images is a unique feature of   Lumion in architectural animations because many software limitations for image creation are limited, but in Lumion you can create large environments, give materials, and objectify.

Very simple user interface: it is very easy to work with the environment of this program; so if you have a little training, you can learn it completely in 1 to 2 days. Lumion software is designed in such a way that the user interface, learning, changing the light state, various objects, animating and capturing the output in the most convenient way possible.

Interoperability with other software: The ability to transfer models made of software such as: Maya, Rhino, AutoCAD, 3ds max, Revit, sketch up, etc. to Lumion and decorate them are other features.

Support for various formats: Lumion in architectural animations supports many formats. Among them are video formats such as: PSD, JPG, BMP, HDR, etc., as well as 3D formats such as: 3DS, DBJ, DXF, SKP, FBX, etc., which make working with this program easier.

Making quality movies: Also the ability to make HD quality video in MP4 output format is one of the attractive features of this software.

In fact, it is enough to transfer the designed model from other 3D software to Lumion; the rest of the work in this software will be very easy for you!

Which version of Lumion is better?

Lumion in architectural animations is a standard software with various capabilities. All versions eliminate the needs of the user well, but the Lumion PRO version is the ideal version for professional studios because you access to all the features and facilities. With Lumion PRO you can access over 2000 models, 3D sound effects and animated characters.

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