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v-ray for 3ds max


V-ray for 3ds max is a very useful and well-known plugin that Produced by Chaos Group and greatly enhances using 3D max software. V-ray as a rendering engine creates realistic renderings for your scene by analyzing light, shadows and special materials. In fact, the last part of the design work, which is the last important step, is rendering, which gives your design quality and a natural look. You have to do it in the best way.

In this part, the V-ray plugin will help you and with its power, it can bring your design to a high quality of light, material and final rendering. In the early versions of 3D max software, strong rendering was not possible and typically rendering engines had to be installed as a separate software. But in newer versions, the software includes a rendering engine, but the V-ray plug-in is used due to more and better capabilities and must be installed separately.

On what software can V-Ray be installed?

It is a good thing that V-Ray can be installed in many 3D software today. Software such as Cinema4D, Maya, 3ds max, Sketch up, Rhino and Blender, as well as Light wave and Softimage XSI.

Rhino and Blender software are ideal software for modeling and according to the tools and features included in these software will speed up the modeling process. Cinema4D and Sketchup can also be good choices of v-ray for 3ds max in the world of architecture. But in the world of architecture, But the fact is that in the world of architecture, due to the features that 3d max software includes, more software is used.

Application of 3ds max in architecture, civil engineering and urban planning

In 3ds max, you have the opportunity to simulate everything you see in nature with this powerful software. It does not matter if the size in front of you is a building facade or a living thing. With v-ray for 3ds max you are able to create a three-dimensional model such as 3D interior Visualization and 3D Architectural Visualization exactly similar to what exists in the real world with all the details.

Reasons to use V-Ray for 3ds max

3ds max is powerful for making games, animations, or any photo in any field except scene lighting (both its speed and low light quality make the photos or animations produced not so close to reality). To compensate for this weakness, a supplementary software, V-Ray for 3ds max has been designed, which after installing 3ds max, is installed on 3D Max (it is attached to the main software, such add-on software). Which give new capabilities to the original software, called plugins).

If your job is teaching 3ds max in architecture, industry or designing image, we recommend that you learn V-Ray, because most important companies and architects. Because most major companies and architects use this software to deliver work due to the power of V-Ray, because it is easier to configure than Mental Ray.

So V-Ray for 3ds max is an add-on software (plug-in) that reinforces the weakness in the quality and speed of lighting software. For 3ds max can show your talent by modeling your idea, for example, a car! Or not! Your idea may be a tool that works for you, in which you can make an animation from it! Other applications of 3D software include its use in growing game and game development industry. In fact, with helping of 3ds max, people design the game environment and game characters.

Another application of this software is using in cinematic special effects. For 3ds max special effects have made it possible for this software to be used in many famous cinema projects and movies.

v-ray unique features for 3ds max?

This section introduces a list of V-Ray features that make it unique in the world of architecture compared to other rendering engines.

-V-Ray is a standalone platform and is accessible to many 3D applications.

-V-Ray parameters are the same in different software. For example, if somebody is familiar with Sketchup and 3d max programs and is fully acquainted with v-ray for 3ds max software, it can easily use V-Ray for sketchup as well, because in fact the V-Ray parameters in different programs are almost the same.

-The quality of the images obtained from V-Ray is ideal n to its rendering time.

-V-Ray is constantly being updated.

-V-Ray is widely used even in the film and advertising industry.

-V-Ray supports IES lights, which are important factors in architectural imagery.

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