Lumion vs unreal engine, comparing architectural animation

In this article, we will review Lumion vs unreal engine, although this is not an in-depth review, but it will give you an overview to get acquainted with these two architectural animation

Lumion is a powerful and efficient easy-to-use, attractive and simple tool for rendering architectural simulations that allows anyone to create Architectural Animation and then create beautiful images, stunning video animations and vivid effects. This software is the fastest way to render or capture a 3D model and create a scene in minutes. Lumion software was developed by the Dutch company Act-3D in 1998. One of the important things about Lumion is that the simulations performed by other rendering software (such as AutoCAD and…) can be displayed and edited in Lumion.

Capabilities of Lumion vs unreal engine

-Lumion software has many capabilities, including the addition of environment, materials, lighting, objects, foliage and visual effects in designing. The modeling and designs done by Lumion software can be easily visualized. With using this software, you can easily improve your desired designs. Also, the super-fast rendering of Lumion software allows you to quickly show your designs to customers in the shortest possible time and attract their attention. Lumion software has many benefits, some of which are mentioned below.

-Lumion vs unreal engine is very useful in emergencies. When you have not enough time, you can easily model in one of the soft wares and render it quickly in Lumion. When you want to make an animation but you do not have enough time to make it in, Lumion software does it in the shortest time.

– You should not expect scene modeling or making objects in Unreal. Of course, Unreal has the ability to create basic objects to test the scene by default. But it’s quite rudimentary, and you should not expect it to create scenes or even complex objects.

-Lumion vs unreal has unique technology that made it the perfect software for large models and designs. In this way, using Lumion software, large areas can be covered by designs and modeling. And put thousands of trees, plants or buildings in the designs. Instead, Unreal has a huge library of tools and objects, and will be added to this huge library of objects day by day.

-Lumion vs unreal has improved a lot over the past few years. In other words, its quality has improved and it always tries to show its new versions better than before.

-Another benefit of Lumion vs unreal is the real-time animation, in which each frame takes 4 seconds.

-Lumion program has many features such as the ability to quickly convert sunny, cloudy, rainy and snowy renderings to each other, and also provides rainy, cloudy animations to the user. With various effects, it can be easily implemented in Lumion with just one click.

Some of the advantages of Lumion vs unreal engine

-Working with the environment of this software is very easy. So if you have a little skill, you can learn it completely in 1-2 days. The type of work and learning with this software is very easy for all ages.

-This software supports many formats include video formats such as PSD JPG, BMP, HDR and. There are also 3D formats such as: 3DS, DBJ, DXF, SKP, FBX and that make working with this software easy.

The desired designs can be easily visualized using models designed by Lumion software. This feature of Lumion software is one of the suitable solutions that can be used in many different companies. This feature allows customers to see prominent designs and models, which makes it easier for marketing the project.

Some of the disadvantages of Lumion vs unreal engine

-Unreal Engine is produced by Epic Games USA.

-Learning unreal engine is a steep curve, because each branch of the software (design, material, animation, sound, etc.) is a profession in itself, and this makes it difficult to learn.

-Lightweight designs on unreal engine can take a long time or even break down.

-There is no stage manager camera in Unreal Engine.

-There is no additional rendering pattern, meaning that what you see on the page is what you get in the end.

These cases are some of the advanced features of Lumion that require more powerful hardware:

-Three-dimensional grass material

-Branch and leaf material

-Video textures

–  Flat reflections preview

-Preview dynamic Spotlight shadows


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