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Simulation software for product development

Today, using of simulation software is an essential part of the design and construction process as well as 3D Product Visualization. Benefits of simulation software for product development that offers us make them easier to use and increase computational accuracy. In the past Designs were based on formulas and theoretical information and practical experience.

With appearing the computer, it became much easier to do calculations and solve equations by writing computer programs. At the same time, various numerical methods for solving mathematical equations were invented and gradually developed. Finite element methods (FEM), time domain finite difference (FDTD), frequency domain difference (FDFT), moment (MoM) as well as combined methods such as MLFMM are some of the common methods for solving equations.

six Benefits of simulation software for product development

1-Increasing design speed

The first and most important reason for using a computer for simulation is increasing the computational speed compared to manual computing. The method of solving all the required equations is recorded by numerical methods in the computer. Equations can be solved quickly just by entering initial values and defining specific conditions.

2- Simulation software for product development, Increasing design accuracy

Performing complex calculations and iterative processes is very tedious for the human brain and leads to errors in the long run. While the focus on performing calculations is only one of the human brain processes and can easily be disrupted by external factors and lead to reduced accuracy. But on a computer, repetitive processes are performed without error reduction. If the raw data is given to the computer correctly, we can be sure that the output is exactly what it should be!

3- Optimization of simulation parameters

One of the Benefits of simulation software for product development is Optimizing of simulation parameters. in some cases it is necessary to make changes to the original design, change the output responses and reach the desired values. It is practically impossible to apply such changes after construction, or at best applying these changes will damage the structure. In simulation software, this can be done easily by using different design sweep parameters as well as using different optimization methods to achieve the desired answer.

4-Simulation software for product development and avoiding trial and error

In the past – it may be happening in some companies now! – After the initial design, a prototype of the design was made. Various measurements were made on it to identify design defects. Redesign was performed by applying changes that were generally experimental, and this trial-and-error process continued until the final answer was reached. In simulation software, the same trial-error process can be continued until the desired answer is reached. In this way, the samples made with this method will be very close to the simulation results.

5-Applying statistical analysis to reduce the effects of tolerance

One of the Benefits of simulation software for product development is Applying statistical analysis to reduce the effects of tolerance. In the initial design, completely ideal elements are usually used to achieve the desired initial response. In the next step, by replacing the ideal elements with real ones, we introduce many parameters of the real environment into the simulation. In this case, we bring  analyzes closer to the practical measurements. One of the things we encounter in practice is the tolerance of parts and the manufacturing process. So, each element has a tolerance, and the result of all the tolerances combined can have a detrimental effect on the final response. In simulation software, using statistical analysis, the effect of tolerance of different elements on the final response can be calculated and the desired response can be achieved by changing the values, optimization and etc.

6-Reducing construction time and cost

Construction costs, especially for the prototype, are usually very high. Especially if you need to redesign, optimize the original design and so on, Simulation software avoids wasting time and money by using the features mentioned above. If we are proficient in the principles of using simulation software, using the knowledge of appropriate theory, we can present designs that, after construction, reach the desired answers with very high accuracy.


We mentioned above some of the Benefits of simulation software for product development. But keep in mind that just mastering these soft wares is not enough to make the most of them. Having sufficient theoretical knowledge is essential for using the features of simulation software. For example, we cannot expect to design an antenna without knowing the principles of propagation of waves and Maxwell equations and expect proper operation!

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