The 5 most expensive houses in Europe

Imagine the most opulent house you can, and then try to imagine something twice as extravagant. Now you’re beginning to get an idea of what the most luxurious homes in the world look like. Some have exceptional architecture, some have unique materials, and some have famous (or infamous) owners. The houses of the rich know no bounds. We are going to explore Europe to find the most expensive houses and see how much they cost and what they look like.

The most expensive houses in Europe


1. Buckingham Palace, United Kingdom

You’ve probably heard of this home, with its luxurious design and extravagant facilities placing it among the most expensive houses in Europe. Queen Victoria, the first monarch to make Buckingham Palace her home, moved to her newly completed palace in 1837 after ascending the throne.

Buckingham Palace in London is the principal residence of the British Royal Family. It is also one of the largest active royal palaces in the world. Located in Westminster, the palace is often the center of special public events and royal parties. The palace is often of interest to the British people during national holidays.

Buckingham Palace might not be put up for sale anytime soon, but it would be worth around 6.7 billion dollars if it were. With 240 bedrooms, a swimming pool, and a doctor’s surgery, it’s more than a simple home for the British Royal Family. It is also open to the public for guided tours.


2. Villa Leopolda, French Riviera

Villa Leopolda is considered the third-largest home in the world, so there’s an incredible reputation preceding this spectacular villa, and it’s naturally one of the most expensive houses in Europe. The famous villa was built almost 100 years ago by an American architect and is now owned by the controversial 83-year-old Lily Safra, who made her fortune through her four marriages. This villa is worth 736 million dollars.

King Leopold II of Belgium once owned the estate; however, in 1931, redesigns and renovations were carried out and completed by Ogden Codman Jr., the aforementioned American architect.

Villa Leopolda is situated on an 18-acre plot near Nice in the French Riviera and includes 29,000 square feet of living space, consisting of 11 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, spiraling staircases, terraces, an outdoor kitchen, and impeccable views of the Mediterranean.

3. Villa Les Cèdres, France

The second most expensive house in France and one of the most expensive houses in the world is Villa Les Cedres, which is a 187-year old villa in the south of the old country. The interior seems to be a depiction of Queen Marie Antoinette’s taste and is said to be worth 410 million dollars.

Les Cèdres was built in 1830 and bought in 1850 by the mayor of Villefranche-sur-Mer. The mayor’s descendants sold the property to the Belgian King Leopold II in 1904, who got stupendously rich by his exploitation of mineral resources and rubber trees in the Congo Free State.


4. Rafik Hariri’s London Mansion, UK



The fourth among the most expensive houses in Europe was home to the late Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri, and then it was gifted to Sultan bin Abdulaziz, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia.

It was initially built as four separate family homes, from number 2 to 8a Rutland Gardens. It has since been converted into one of the capital’s largest houses.

The huge 45-bedroom mansion has a large swimming pool, an industrial-size catering kitchen, underground parking, and several lifts. The rooms are filled with expensive artwork, beautiful French-style custom-made furniture, and in the bathrooms, there are golden tissue boxes. Not to mention the millions of pounds’ worth of gold leaf decoration and bulletproof windows.

This luxury house has been placed on the market at a record 400 million dollars.

5. Odeon Tower Sky Penthouse, Monaco

Monaco, the small city-state, is the home of the most extravagant billionaires globally because it’s tax-free. Odeon Tower Sky Penthouse in Monaco is set to be one of the world’s most expensive luxury homes. This 170-meter building has one of the most expensive penthouses in the world, with a 400 million dollar asking price. The penthouse is a 16-meter-high apartment with a direct slide into a rooftop pool overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It also has all the facilities of a 5-star hotel and 360-degree views of the city over five floors to boot.

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