The advantages of concrete structure

What is concrete?

Concrete is an engineering material that simulates the properties of rock and it is used in concrete structure. It is simply a blend of aggregates, normally natural sand and gravel or crushed rock. These are bound together by a hydraulic binder e.g. Portland Cement and activated by water to form a dense semi homogenous mass. Concrete is the second most used material on earth after water.

The use of concrete in the different structures

Concrete is used to make different structures like:

  • Pavements
  • architectural structures
  • foundations
  • motorways
  • roads and bridges
  • overpasses
  • parking structures
  • walls and footings for gates
  • fences and poles

Advantages of Using Concrete in Construction



Concrete is Economical

Concrete is inexpensive and widely available around the globe when compared to steel, polymers and other construction materials. Major ingredients of concrete are cement, water, and aggregates. All of these are readily available in local markets at a low cost for building a concrete structure.



concrete can be poured into various form-works or shuttering configurations to form desired shapes and sizes at the construction site.


Water Resistance

concrete can withstand water without serious deterioration compared to wood and steel. Due to this property, concrete is ideal for underwater and submerged applications like for building structures, pipelines, dams, canals, linings.


High-temperature resistance

Concrete can withstand high temperatures better than wood and steel. Calcium silicate hydrate, C-S-H, which is the main binder in concrete, can withstand until 910 deg C.

Low or Zero Maintenance Required

Concrete structures do not require coating or painting for regular applications to protect weathering compared to steel or wooden structures where it is inevitable.


Energy Efficiency in Production

The amount of energy required for the production of concrete is low compared with steel.


The Importance of Concrete in Construction

Concrete is used to provide strength, durability, and versatility during the construction of a structure. These excellent properties have made concrete a reliable and long-lasting choice of construction companies for both commercial and domestic types of constructions. Some of the properties of concrete that make it extremely important in construction are:



Strength is the primary reason why concrete has been used by housing developers and construction companies for many decades. Concrete is a solid material that can easily withstand tensile and compressive stresses without getting affected. The strength of concrete has made it essential in the construction of buildings, foundations, water treatment facilities, factors, large industrial sectors, and many other types of structures.


Concrete can last for ages as it can survive harsh weather conditions and natural disasters. It is resistant to extreme weathers, rusting, chemical reactions, fire, erosion, compressive and tensile stress, and abrasion. As a result, the structural integrity of the concrete will not be undermined for an extended period of time which makes it suitable for every other place in the world. The longevity of this popular material has made it important for the construction of permanent buildings and strong structures like bridges and dams.


Concrete’s versatility makes it easy for the construction companies to use it for building roads, highways, sideways, garages, and any other structure. Its strength can be modified according to the construction requirements. It can also be cut into different shapes and sizes to create unique designs.


Environmental benefits

Concrete also has numerous environmental benefits like: survive natural disasters like floods, being recyclable and reusable, Minimal transportation is required for the raw materials of the mixture as it is usually found from the local sources.


Advantages of building concrete structure

The use of concrete structure in the buildings has advantages that are described below:

  • Reinforced concrete is used in the construction of concrete structures because this concrete has a high durability against environmental conditions.
  • The cost of concrete structures is lower than steel structures.
  • Reinforced concrete used in the concrete structures is fire resistant. This resistance causes the steel inside the concrete to change heat over a longer period of time.
  • The implementation of concrete structures takes less time than steel structures.
  • Concrete structures have a longer lifespan than other structures.
  • The cost of maintaining a concrete structure is lower than a steel structure





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