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The easiest simulation software for training

It is not necessary for architects to master all simulation software, however, there are some of the most  easiest simulation software for training that are very common in the job market. The wider your field of knowledge as an architect on architectural software, the more likely you are to succeed in this field. There is no doubt that with the advent of architectural software, the process of professional design and drawing has been accelerated efficiently. These soft wares caused the development of diagrams in different views. So, the output of these soft wares, which include 3D Product Visualization software, have improved the manufacturing process.

Some of the easiest simulation software for training

1-Auto Cad software, the easiest simulation software for training

To learn any language, you must be fluent in the alphabet. AutoCAD is also one of the easiest simulation software for training in the field of architecture, which is the most basic element in software design. You will find fewer architects and designers who are not familiar with AutoCAD software. Ability to design and draw two-dimensional and three-dimensional such as plan, facade and sections with very high accuracy and remarkable to architects.

AutoCAD software is very old and it is very simple and easy to work due to its friendly user relationship. AutoCAD software is one of the most basic and widely used architectural software that is widely used by designers in layout. It is recommended that you learn AutoCAD software during your student years, as many architectural careers require you to master AutoCAD software.

2-3D Max software

An interesting term can be used for 3D Max software, which indicates its high importance in the work of architects; 3D Max software is actually a cane of designers. This software works so cleverly and professionally in the best 3D interior Visualization that it can be counted on for the most complex designs.

Rendering, modeling and previewing of buildings, light analysis, interior decoration and reality simulation are among the most important capabilities of 3D Max in architecture.

It is very important for architectural engineers to master the capabilities related to the architecture of this software because in most areas of architecture, 3D Max software is used. 3D Max output helps architects to fix the shortcomings of the project and process the final design in the best possible way.

3- Rhino software also The easiest simulation software for training

Rhino software is one of the most popular software and the easiest simulation software 2022 for training among architects, which has recently increased the number of its fans.

The high accuracy of Rhino software, which is based on mathematical calculations, along with its high speed of processing and modeling, has made this software welcomed by architects.

You can import the output of Rhino software for rendering 3D Max and AutoCAD. In fact, its high compatibility with common architectural software has caused this software to become common software in this field.

4- The easiest simulation software for training, Lumion software

High quality rendering has particular importance to architects. You can easily access this feature in Lumion software. The excellent quality and speed of Lumion has made this software a widely used software in the field of architecture. The high usage of this software has led architects to improve their knowledge about Lumion performance and how to work with it.

As an architect, you can import designs produced in 3D Max, AutoCAD and Rhino software to convert them to photos and animations.

Rendering in Lumion is really a fast process and will deliver the final output in a short time.

5-Photoshop software

Photoshop software is one of the Adobe System products that is widely used by architects because it is one of the easiest simulation software for training.

Other Adobe System products that are widely used in architecture can be Illustrator and After Effects. However, Photoshop can be recognized as one of the most useful architectural software. One of the most basic parts of Photoshop software for architects is post production.

In this way, light correction, contrast renderings, adding elements such as trees and characters can be done in the design, as well as various lens effects in the design.


Architectural software together can lead to an optimal and perfect output. Mastering an architectural software may not be as perfect as it should be, and it may not give you the perfect result.
Therefore, it is recommended that you master the basic software in this field to improve the result of your work as an architect.

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